PLEASE NOTE - Additional tickets CANNOT be added to existing bookings as seats have now been allocated, any additional seats purchased are likely to be in a different carriage from the seats originally booked. Premium and Standard seats are in different carriages and therefore CANNOT sit together. Tickets booked after 2 October will be available for collection on arrival only. See

Is this event accessible to those with disabilities?

Is the railway suitable for guests with disabilities?

Whilst we are a heritage railway, we aim to try and accommodate those with disabilities as best as we can. All our platforms are surfaced to be easy to walk on. Do please be aware there are some areas where the surface is slightly uneven.

Are there disabled toilets available?

Yes, we have toilets available for our disabled guests. Should you wish to use the facilities please ask a member of staff who will be happy to guide you to them.

Can wheelchair users board the train whilst in their wheelchair?

Yes, but unfortunately the space for wheelchairs on board the trains is limited due to the age of the coaches, British Rail didn’t build the doorways wide enough for wheelchairs on most coaches.

We have one coach which is accessible. We have one wheelchair space available on every train in Premium.

Our staff will be happy to assist you board the train via a ramp and guide you to a table with the rest of your party without you having to leave your wheelchair.

To ensure we allocate the wheelchair accessible space on the trains to those who require them and allocate the surrounding seats to the same party, please contact us before making a booking and we will be happy to confirm availability and reserve the seats for you.

Is there any parking for guests with disabilities?

There is parking available for Blue Badge holders at Dereham Station. However this is limited and has to be allocated on a first come basis. We are more than happy to accommodate guests being dropped off and picked up if required.


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